Friday, July 3, 2009

Has it really been three years!?

Yup... it has been (over) three years since I had a blog (click here to read my old blog... I thought about just reviving that one but... I can't seem to remember the password and my old email address was the one that was provided by the college and is no longer active). In those three years, I went from being very comfortable with HTML and basic blogger to... well... feeling hopelessly lost. I hate feeling that way and am going to spend a little bit of time familiarizing myself with blogger's new features. I'm excited to give it a go again!

This blog is going to mainly focus on my knitting, but will also encompass other aspects of my life. Let me introduce myself first. My name is Tara and I live in Minnesota. I have three kids, Beaner and Boo-Boo are 7 year old twins, and Pooter is my 8 month old little man. Yes, those are nicknames. I don't know why I bothered even giving any of my children real, legal names. I hardly ever use them. I guess I'm the type of mom that will let you know how much trouble you are in by the use of your real name (and if you are in super major trouble, middle and *gasp* even last name). My honey's name is Karl, and he is Pooter's dad. We will probably get married someday but not today... probably not tomorrow either. We love each other and that's enough for us right now. I do have a wedding dress already... and it's GORGEOUS... but that's another story... for a different day!

I have a bachelor of arts degree in psychology. I am currently trying to find employment doing something that utilizes my education but... no such luck (well... I should say no such luck finding something that pays more than I would pay out in daycare costs). So... for now I am a SAHM that works during tax season at a CPA firm answering phones and assembling completed returns. This year, I'm starting back at the firm in September when the girls go back to school. My boss rocks.

As previously mentioned I'm a knitter (self-taught really... I bought a booklet at Michael's that was aimed towards kids and went to it. I have a hard time teaching others because of this but... I'm more adventursome I think. I'm not afraid to read about a technique and then then try it myself without someone showing me how to do it... ). I also read. I tend to do either one or the other obsessively. I'll do nothing but read in my spare time for a month or two (and barely pick up the needles if at all)... and then suddenly switch (usually without warning). I have a kindle and I love my library!!! I typically don't combine the two hobbies but I have been known to listen to an audiobook and knit at the same time on occasion.

I'd like to end each post by reporting what exactly is in the bottom of my knitting bag (well... it's entire contents actually) and so here it is:

  • Mia sweater and pattern
  • OpArt blanket and pattern
  • 4 stitch markers
  • 2 knitpicks color cards
  • yarn labels for yan from Opart blanket
  • lamb tape measure
  • a dime
  • 3 pairs of scissors
  • random yarn scraps
  • Girls' chore charts from 2 weeks ago
  • calculator/ruler
  • ends and tightening key for a knitpicks options circular
  • cable needle
  • lone size 6 dpn

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