Monday, July 27, 2009

Regarding My Love Affair With a Design Notebook

So... it seems that I have more fun designing than I do in the actual knitting up.

In my last post (which was... I dunno... weeks ago?), I was complaining about charting intarsia for a design I'm working on. I decided to set aside the charting and work on the writing up of the pattern so that I'd know exactly how many stitches wide and high I need my chart to be. (I still haven't finished the chart but it's coming up on the to-do list) I wrote up the pattern for a size small (with notes for an XS) and today cast on for a sleeve.

I'm excited to be finally working on this design but... I miss my design notebook, BIC mechanical pencil, and calculator. I miss swatching and measuring and deciding on needle sizes and stitch patterns.

I love you, design notebook and I promise you that when I can afford it, I'll hire test knitters so I can spend more quality time with you.


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